Winery to Mari: You’re Fired!

Things had become less promising at Black Madrone Winery. In four weeks of temping there, I thought I’d made satisfactory progress in learning about the wines and the company, and I even performed my first tour of the winery, which was more than the permanent girls could claim. Apparently, Hilda still wasn’t satisfied. When I called the agency to find out about my check, I was told that Black Madrone had cancelled my assignment.

“She asked us to find someone less talented,” the agent explained. “She said you spent your lunch breaks reading your own stuff instead of the company’s.”

What a colossal blunder! I read my own stuff on my lunch hour!

The logic of this excuse blew me away. If I had driven into Geyserville for lunch I could have read anything I wanted. But, being of a “green” persuasion and staying to eat my lunch at the winery evidently meant I could only read company literature on company property, even on my own time.

This seemed such a lame excuse for a dismissal that I suspected it was a just an excuse.

Perhaps they thought I was too clumsy to keep wine in my glass at the dinner table. Maybe, after my positive assertion about that crappy wine, they concluded I had no taste of which to speak. Or else, by too “talented,” they might have meant too intellectual, or worse, critical, and dangerously prone to questioning the company line.

At any rate, Black Madrone proved to be a lot like Dave: they just weren’t that into me.
[Tweet theme=”basic-full”]My biggest regret about being fired from the winery was not being able to use my employee discount just once more.[/Tweet]

Luckily, I had other things to do, like publishing a radical newsletter that was finding traction in the niche marketplace of hemp

Plus, I had just met a guy who might be Mr Right, so that was another thing to look forward to.

So, apart from my loss of income, confidence and possible opportunities, my biggest regret about being fired from Black Madrone was not being able to use my employee discount just once more.